Don’t be a quitter

Did you know about quitters day?

Strava analysed over 800 million user-logged activities in 2019 and predicted the day that most people give up on their New Year’s Resolution’s. It is January 19th. ⁠

When I asked my clients about their previous attempts to implement any healthy habits, the main reason they gave up was: “life got in the way”. One unplanned meeting instead of a planned run, an unplanned night out instead of a planned home cooked dinner, an unplanned Netflix binge instead of a planned hour with a book. 

If you recognise yourself in this descriptions, it’s because you ⁠put too much on your plate, too soon! ⁠

You may argue – I didn’t plan to run marathons, I just want to do a 5k! ⁠

However, even this can be too much. Not only do you push your body through activity which is new to you, but, you’re also breaking your old habits to find the time and motivation to go on that run. ⁠

We know that our mind is excellent at finding excuses when it perceives change as too big. ⁠

I say, you should start with a minimal, non-negotiable step which you can commit to. ⁠

Instead of committing to 5k’s straightaway, start with just going outside for 10 min. You can do it! Each day, no matter how busy you are, you definitely can commit to 10 min outside. This step is so small that you will have a hard time finding ⁠
excuses to avoid it. ⁠

In a month, guaranteed, you will feel urge to go out and spend more time outside. You will certainly be more mentally prepared to start jogging then, rather than now, while you’re trying to change so many things at once. ⁠

Don’t be inpatient! At the end of the day, you want your new habit to accompany you for life, so start by making time for it. Don’t be discouraged by slow progress. Instead commemorate each day of your commitment! ⁠

As with healthy eating, it may start with just a handful of greens added to each of your meals. No exceptions!⁠

When the first small step becomes your second nature, think about the next one as equally doable. By the end of the year your improvements will be tremendous! ⁠

Be the healthiest you can be 💖!⁠

What habit are you tackling this year?⁠


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Spread the knowledge, share with a friend

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