I want to show you what's possible

and guide you through a self-discovery adventure, so you can:

See what's within your reach

Mental clarity and focus
After our 4 week journey I've noticed a significant improvement in my mental clarity and focus. The self-reflection questions and techniques have helped me understand myself better and as a result quite my mind, and I'm now able to let go of worrying thoughts. My relationships have also improved, because I see clear now and know what is important. - Sarah
Stop self-sabotage
Nadya's accent put me off in the beginning but now I think it only adds to her strong personality and direct approach! She is incredibly knowledgeable but also very humble. I only wanted to find out why I am sabotaging myself and seemingly cannot stick to a healthier diet and exercise that I know is good for me, but your coaching changed my life completely, well beyond that weight that I finally was able to lose! Thank you! - Lea
Life became exciting
I have enjoyed so much working with you this past month. You are so inspirational, motivating, and darn good at what you do!! I've learned so much in this short time, and I am totally enjoying trying out new things - my life suddenly become so exciting! I feel so great following this journey and most importantly, I'm on a path that will last a lifetime! Nadya - YOU ROCK!!"  -Aly
Staying focused on the goal
More than anything it was Nadya's personality that helped me to stay focused on my goal. She has that way of speaking that makes you want to be better. She helped me to find out why my previous attempts to follow my plan had failed. Now, 3 months after our last meeting I am still following the plan we have designed together and feel better than ever. I notice changes in my mood and life in general. And I don't force anything anymore! I cannot recommend Nadya's private coaching highly enough! Worth every penny! -Kat
Reimagine your health
Meeting Nadya has truly changed my life. She has opened my eyes to simple truths about health and wellness. I used to regard my body as something that was constantly breaking down and in dire need of frequent top-ups consisting of over-the-counter pain medication. Nadya has shown me that my body is a wonderful machine that will heal itself if I give it the proper fuel – nutritionally and spiritually. And while I knew what I should eat to be healthier I actually didn't know how I should treat myself to be able to follow through with my resolutions. Nadya, thank you so much for teaching me, it is invaluable, it changed my life and me forever!   - Emily
Start to love mornings
Nadya is fun to watch. She's knowledgeable and always has fun with what she's teaching. She knows how to engage her audience and gives some really good tips! I become a morning person with you! Really love my mornings now and looking forward to life my day to the fullest. I couldn't imagine that this was possible for me! -Catherine
Break free from limiting believes
I used to be stuck in a negative thought loop, which held me back from reaching my full potential. 4 weeks of Life strategy coaching helped me break free from these limiting beliefs, see my path forward and actually enjoy following that plan! I am looking forward to seeing what I can achieve now, I feel happier and more balanced. And, most important, I actually believe that I can do that!!! -Ashley  
Find purpose
I started to work with Nadya because I struggled to define what it is that I enjoy and what can be helpful for others. I couldn't figure myself what is my purpose and how can I live a more meaningful life. Nadya helped me uncover my true passions and create a detailed plan to pursue them. I feel that now live more intentionally, I feel that my life is meaningful and as an incredible bonus, I am having fun doing all of this!!! -Janine
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Ready for a deep-dive to discover the best way to live your life?

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Get the perspective
$ 199 One consultation
  • One-hour video call
  • Action plan


Build routines
$ 499 4 weeks coaching
  • Initial one-hour video call
  • Initial action plan
  • Unlimited questions answered within 24 hours
  • Weekly 30 min progression video call
  • Weekly personalised feedback and progression plan


Optimise for long term
$ 799 6 weeks coaching
  • Everything from Sustain
  • Identify and remove triggers
  • Fine tune your long term plan

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To ensure that we would work well together I encourage you to fill a short questionnaire and book a 15 min call with me. During this call you will have the opportunity to ask any questions and I, based on your submitted form, will give you an overview of how I can help you achieve your goals. The price of a call is 15$ for any plan. If we decide to work together, this money will be counted towards your full payment.

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