like a phoenix podcast by Nadya from Just Ask Nadya

Like a Phoenix, podcast is about life strategies that help navigate through big and small life changes. Changes like quitting a 9-to-5, thriving after a painful divorce, or dealing with illness.  

We will dissect challenging situations and tough decisions to learn quickly and move smartly to the place where we eventually can feel aligned again.  Just like a Phoenix, we have an enormous potential to be re-born, re-invent ourselves and re-discover our strength and purpose. 

Life always goes on, and I want with each new iteration you to feel more empowered and excited about the journey that lay ahead of you but also more clear and open about your gifts: your purpose and the mission that you were born to accomplish. 

Join the community!

I set up a Facebook group specially for this podcast. There I plan to share deeper insights from all the podcast episodes and run free support and discussion groups that guide you through specific problems and organise local, face-to-face meeting groups. Moreover, there you will be able to suggest what you would like to learn about next and I take these votes into account when preparing new episodes. Looking forward to meet you there! 

Podcast launch in


Life stories wanted!

I am offering you my platform so you can share your story! Your story about change, about overcoming, about resolution. About your unique way to think, to feel, to act that allowed you to conquer the difficulties you have faced previously. I am sure somebody out there is waiting for your story, so don’t hold it back! Please, fill up the form and I will get back to you shortly to arrange a time for the interview.


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