advent calendar

The most powerful time

to reflect on the past


enter a New Year with deep


of who you are

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Advent calendar for grown ups

Did you have an advent calendar as a child? What did you feel back then in anticipation of unveiling a new surprise each day leading up to Christmas?



May I assume that back then you probably felt Joy, Excitement, and maybe even a little bit of Magic?! Me too and it was fantastic, but then with time, magic somehow disappeared. Sure you can buy unlimited chocolate supplies instead, but magic … 



What If I say you can feel it all again? Yes, with the advent calendar? Anticipation, Excitement and Magic all because you start the most thrilling adventure of all – Adventure of Self-Discovery! 

Self discovery advent calendar

What can be more exciting than starting to understand yourself better?


What can be more joyful than providing yourself with exactly what you need?


What can be more magical than living an aligned life where you see who you are, what you need and how to fulfil that need? 

How it works

In 25 days you ponder 25 self-reflection questions and thoughts.

Just like with any advent calendar, you start with excitement and anticipation!

Starting from the 1st of December, every morning you will receive an email with self-reflection question of the day and a short instruction. 

You live your day as usual, except from time to time you come back in your thoughts to the question and try to answer it the best you can.

By the end of the day you write your answer to the special workbook.

By the end of the month you have clarity and a plan!


self-discovery questions & thoughts




Magic happens when you get clarity


Self-reflection helps you gain insight into your thoughts, emotions, and motivations, leading to a a deeper understanding of your behaviour


Self-discovery is a way to accept and prioritise yourself, fostering a positive mindset and a greater connection to yourself.

Intentional response

Self-reflection empowers you to respond with intention rather than impulse, leading to more effective and thoughtful actions

Develop Self-Awareness

Self-reflection encourages a level of self-awareness and consciousness about your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, leading to personal growth and improved decision-making

Strengths and Areas for Improvment

Self-reflection enables you to recognise your strengths and areas where you can grow, facilitating personal development

Improve Mental Health

Engaging in self-reflection improves mental health by promoting mindfulness, being present with yourself, and fostering a greater sense of control

Fresh Perspective

Self-discovery allows you to re-evaluate circumstances calmly and rationally, providing a fresh perspective and clarity in decision-making

Understand Personal Priorities

It grants insight into your authentic self, helps you identify you priorities and pursue them with ease, confidence and clarity


Self-discovery allows you to take a step back, process events, and achieve clarity, leading to a greater sense of control and understanding of what matters in life

Self discovery
is for you if you

change your life in a meaningful way

this is





Get a head start for the New Year! Proven by thousands – starting with self-reflection in December you will guarantee that the New Year will become your Best Year Ever in terms of accomplishments, alignment and enjoyment! Try for yourself!


available only


a year


How I receive the questions?

Every day from 1st to 25th of December an email with your daily question will be sent to your inbox at 7 am GMT.

How can I pay?

You can pay with your debit of credit card or using your PayPal account.

What if I have a question?

Feedback is included in this special offer! You can ask any related questions by replying to your Advent Calendar emails and you will get an answer by email within 24h.

What is the Actionable Plan Template?

You can use all your insights to build an Actionable Plan to move forward (instructions and template will be provided).

What is the Bonus review?

You will have opportunity to submit your Actionable Plan and receive an constructive, professional feedback.

Can I buy this program as a gift to someone else?

Yes, you can, drop me an email to with "Self-Discovery gift request" as a subject line and specify an email and a first name of a person whom you would like to make a gift.

Ready for your


advent calendar

Enjoy the most exciting journey of all, the journey of self-discovery

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