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a practical masterclass that goes beyond a vision board. A mix of modern science and ancient wisdom initiates your self-discovery journey, illuminates your hidden talents and clears up your path ahead. 


We, humans, are not very good at predicting what will make us happy. How many times you’ve found yourself unsatisfied with things that you have worked so hard to get? Long due promotion, a new car, a party that you’ve hoped will be fun. Each of us can list a dozen things that we believed would bring us lasting joy, but they didn’t. Understand yourself better and remove 

Another part of the problem is that we are tightly entangled with expectations that are not even our own, thus obviously we don’t feel joy and happiness when we meet these expectations. Your mum wanted you to be an accountant despite the fact you always leaned towards art, you married because it was the time to marry even though there was no chemistry between you two.  

And here it goes, wrong objectives and wrong priorities lead to a wrong life, a life that has never suited you. 

But here is a solution


Understand yourself and replace unnecessary struggle with joy and alignment.


Use latest science to understand your personality, natural inclinations and individual, comfortable bio-rhythms.


Awaken your inner wisdom, so this time you can relay on what you truly need and want rather than what other expect from you


Escape your current tunnel vision, widen your horizons and get new perspective on what is possible.


A unique feature of this masterclass is a series of practical exercises that help you self-reflect and sort out what values, beliefs and inspirations resonate with you the most. By understanding your nature you become not only crystal clear on your next step but sure about how the big picture should look like for you. At this moment your unique vision for life is born! Not a fantasy-based generic vision board but a robust vision that is anchored on who you truly are. The insights that you gather through self-discovery exercises will guarantee that you become thrilled to make your first step towards the life you always wanted, the life that is truly yours, the life that you feel aligned to live.  

Take first step towards your fulfilling life


Clear direction

A vision gives you a destination and points you in the direction you are supposed to go.

No mistakes

A vision prevents a lot of mistakes, especially expensive ones because your make better decisions.


A clear road map of where you are going with your life breeds confidence.

More resources

With the vision your brain starts to calculate the easiest path towards your goals. You get resources as you go.

Right priorities

Your vision is a great time management tool. You clearly see what needs to be done and what easily can be discarded.

Achievable goals

You set achievable goals - with your vision in mind it is easy reverse-engineering your step-by-step to success.

Meet your tribe

Once you realize your vision, you will detach from people who don’t fit in your vision and you will align yourself with people who do.


Having a vision ensures that you remain focused. You spot early any distractions that are not aligned with your vision.


Vision clarifies purpose, life will become simpler and more meaningful.


A practical masterclass that will teach you how to craft a vision for your life. You will be given a series of exercises that consist of quizzes, questionaries, and free association games. Going through exercises step by step you will write your answers into a digital workbook (provided), so by the end of the class you will have not only your life vision created but the document that you can use as your action plan. Don’t skip steps and you will get an inspiring vision and a doable path to your fulfilling life. 


This masterclass is run online, on Zoom, on Mondays, from 3 to 4 pm GMT. After your payment, an invitation link will be sent to you. If you cannot attend, a recording will be available and sent to your email address. Participating live is highly recommended as you will be able not only to ask questions but also connect with other participants which often becomes the beginning of a new friendship.  


After your payment you will get a confirmation email with the meeting link. 24 hours before the class you will receive a reminder and a digital workbook. The workbook is in a simple doc format so you can open it with the editor of your choice (i.e. Google Docx or Microsoft Office). 

Stop stumbling start living!

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Propel yourself towards the life you desire!

This class is for you

  • If you are feeling stuck or unfulfilled
  • If you are struggling to balance multiple facets of your life
  • If you are going through big changes (divorce, career transition, empty nest syndrome)
  • If you lost your motivation and want to re-discover and re-define who you are
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed or uncertain
  • If you are interested in personal growth and achieving your maximum potential
  • If you are curious about the self-discovery journey and want to find what makes you tick
  • If you want to find your purpose and life meaningful life
  • If you are starting something new – a new career, a new study, a new relationship

Clear vision for life is your guiding star!

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