Why changing life is difficult and what to do about it

Why change life is difficult - Just Ask Nadya

Feeling stuck and seeing no way out may be one of the most dreadful feelings in life.

And yet, we are often reluctant to change. Why is it so? You may think that it is your particularly difficult circumstances that prevent you from moving forward, but I would say that external circumstances don’t matter!

Check your energy levels

restore your energy

If you feel like a squeezed lemon check your energy levels with this short science based quiz. Your answers will highlight a path forward for you and identify areas for improvement.

Walking for better health

Walking is one of the most effective exercises, but also, sadly, one of the most unconsidered.

Let me explain why I call it the most effective. I do see your scepticism dear weightlifters, but keep reading and I will address your objections in the end.

How to make a habit stick

Starting a new habit can be exiting but beginner’s enthusiasm fades quickly thus new habits become abandoned even without a proper try. Let’s discuss some tips that help to stay focus on your goal.

What to eat during viral infection

We are exposed to viruses all the time. Herpes, flu, SARS-CoV-2. Most of the time our body fights through viral infection successfully. Nevertheless, it is a fight, thus it’s worth to help our body a little.

Don’t be a quitter

Did you know about quitters day?

Strava analysed 800 million user-logged activities and predicted the day that most people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions. It is January 19th!

So, how can we move past the Quitter’s day and keep up with our goals?

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