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This program is for you if

No more overwhelm!

Why this program is effective?

3 steps that guarantee success

Identify your energy leaks

You are losing your energy not only when it's obvious. Spot any energy leaks quickly.


you never feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

"...your exercises seemed so easy, but they worked very well for me! I now spot immediately when I dive into my worries, but also know how to switch back into more constructive and productive mode quickly! What a relief! Highly recommend to anyone with tendencies to overthink!"

Find your way to relax

Relaxing is not only about bubble baths. Practice multiple ways to relax so you are at your best even in the middle of a crisis.


You feel in control no matter what curve balls life throws at you.

"This program has been a game-changer for me. Your life analysis concepts have helped me decrease frustration and focus on what I can control in my life. It changed everything from sleep to motivation. I even started exercise again!"

Introduce more joy

Having fun is not only about having a party. Sprinkle your life with joy even on the the most ordinary day.


You ignite your inner energy restoring system, your life turns into something magical.

"...these simple techniques have helped me find inner peace and become more creative. I know that this is only the beginning, but I am already feeling happier and more fulfilled and finally motivated to do what I was postponing for so long."

Curious what transformation will you achieve?

What you achieve

Improved physical health

Building stress resilience and restoring energy benefit all areas of your physical health: from immune, to digestive, to cardiovascular systems.

Enhanced emotional well-being

Restoring energy helps regulate your emotions. You feel much less hopelessness, irritability, and apathy.

Better decision-making

By reducing stress and overwhelm you start to see more possibilities, improve your prioritisation skills and make better decisions.

Increased productivity

Feeling energised and stress-free you not only increase you productivity but start to deal with your tasks more efficiently, propelling yourself towards your goals.

Improved relationships

Removing overwhelm has tremendous positive impact on your relationships through better communication, reduced conflicts, more clear understanding of your priorities.

Increased life satisfaction

By restoring your energy you revitalise your whole life - you feel motivated, energised, curious to explore new opportunities, focusing in solutions instead of problems, and overall experiencing more happiness.

Create more space in your life and fill it with joy

Don't feel squeezed!

The main reason you have no energy is because you are exhausted. Often both physically and mentally. No matter what exactly contributes to your condition – be it your demanding job, elderly parents, unruly teenagers, bad habits or all the above, the truth is you cannot continue like this – you will break and you already feel it.

When reading this you may think that there is no way out for you, no magic wand that will make all problems disappear; but what I offer is not magic but science. And here is how it works: currently, in your exhausted state, you are unable to see your way out, but following my method you will be able not only to accumulate your energy instead of losing it, but literally, you will start noticing solutions and opportunities that are well within your reach. It indeed will feel like magic, but it is not because you will know exactly how to return and stay in that magical feeling of expansion, motivation and clarity

The strategy to get your energy back is simple and involves only 3 steps. You will feel immediately better and these initial results will keep you motivated to continue improving your life. Have an unbiased look at your priorities and surprise yourself with how quickly you can transform your life.


Just ask Nadya balanced life mastermind

Hi, I am Nadya and I will guide you through this program. I  guarantee that this program will mark the beginning of a new era in your life as long as you do the practical work after each lesson.

Words don’t teach – experiences do. I designed this program in a specific way so you can start to feel the difference. How it feels to wake up rested, to be excited about your day and to have the energy to pursue your adventures. So don’t deny yourself the opportunity to succeed.

My practices are time tested and will work no matter whether you have physical or mental fatigue. There will be some nuances that I explain in the lessons but as long as you practice you will feel better very quickly! 

Looking forward to meeting you and congratulations on your decision to live a better life!

See you inside!


  • BSc Biochemistry
  • MSc Biotechnology, The University of York, UK
  • PhD Biomedical Science, The University of Edinburgh, UK
  • 14 years of academic research 
  • 20+ years of teaching, mentoring and consulting
  • 4 years of health-related coaching

I am ready to start now!

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What you will learn


Lesson 0: Welcome

  • Introduction and Instructions

Intro to the program, tips for success, how to stay on track, how to restore motivation, extra resources if you want to go deeper.


Lesson 1: Mental energy leaks

  • Identify your energy leaks

Learn how to recognise what situations, thoughts, behaviours drain you and how you can change that.


Lesson 2: Physical energy leaks

  • Identify your energy leaks

Learn how to decide what kind of diet, exercise and sleep schedule may be ideal for you to keep you energised. 


Lesson 3: Physical relaxation

  • Find your way to relax

Learn and practice different ways of physical relaxation. Choose these that suit you best.


Lesson 4: Mental relaxation

  • Find your ways to relax

Learn and practice different ways of mental relaxation. Choose these that suit you best.


Lesson 5: Joy in times of crisis

  • Introduce more joy

Learn and practice how to experience more joy even when you feel worn down. 


Lesson 6: Joy in times of peace.  

  • Introduce more joy

Learn and practice your unique ways of creating joy and share it with others so you are embedded in the environment that are alighned with the core of your being. 

Easy lessons, fast results,deep transformation!


Mental clarity and focus
"After completing this program, I've noticed a significant improvement in my mental clarity and focus. The meditation techniques have helped me calm my mind, and I'm now able to let go of worrying thoughts. My relationships have also improved, thanks to the Importance Rule. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to restore their energy and enhance their well-being!" - Sarah
Decrease frustration, better sleep
This program has been a game-changer for me. The Circle of Influence concept has helped me decrease frustration and focus on what I can control in my life. I've also experienced better sleep, increased energy, and more joy through the diet and body movement recommendations. I can't thank the creators enough for this life-changing experience!" - John
No more emotional reactivity
"I used to struggle with emotional reactivity, but the Self Dialogue Journal technique taught in this program has helped me gain control over my emotions. I've also discovered the 7 keys to happiness, which have made a significant impact on my overall well-being. I'm so grateful for this program and the positive changes it has brought to my life!" - Emily
Improve overall health
"The program has helped me restore my energy and improve my overall health. The meditation techniques have been instrumental in reducing my stress levels, and the Importance Rule has helped me navigate my relationships more effectively. I can't believe the difference it has made in my life!" - Michael
Increased productivity
"Since completing the program, I've noticed a considerable improvement in my decision-making abilities. The techniques taught have helped me manage stress and prioritize my tasks more effectively. My productivity has increased, and I feel more in control of my life. Thank you for this amazing program!" - Laura
Restored energy and more joy
"I used to struggle with sleep, but this program has taught me how to get a good night's rest. The diet recommendations have also helped me restore my energy levels, and the body movements have brought more joy into my life. I feel like a new person, and I can't thank the program enough for these positive changes!" - Mark
Improved relationship with others
"The program has had a profound impact on my emotional well-being. The meditation techniques have helped me find inner peace, and the Importance Rule has improved my relationships with others. I feel happier and more fulfilled in my life, and I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to make positive changes!" - Karen
Improved physical health
"I've experienced significant improvements in my physical health since completing the program. The diet and body movement recommendations have helped me feel more energized and joyful. I've also learned valuable techniques for managing stress and improving my overall well-being. This program has truly changed my life for the better!" - David
Focus on what truly matters
"The program has taught me invaluable techniques for managing stress and improving my overall well-being. The meditation practices have helped me find inner calm, and the Circle of Influence concept has allowed me to focus on what truly matters in my life. I feel more in control and happier than ever before!" - Lisa
Gain control over emotions
"I can't express how grateful I am for this program. The Self Dialogue Journal technique has helped me gain control over my emotions, and the 7 keys to happiness have brought more joy and fulfillment into my life. My relationships have improved, and I feel more energized and focused. Thank you for this life-changing experience!" - Steve
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I wonder what I can achieve!


When this program starts?

The program starts on the 15th of each month. Mid-month proved to be an excellent starting point because you will find yourself exactly in the middle of your “the usual”.  And this is what will guarantee you results! I want you to start as is, be it a busy season or your holiday, mid-week or a weekend. By the end of the day, this program teaches you exactly this – how to restore your energy independently of any external situation! So no excuses, after this program you will not be able to say that life got in your way. You will be capable to withstand whatever storm is ahead! I am very happy for and for your decision to live your life energised!

How this program works?

You will receive an email with a link to your classroom straight after your payment. The lessons will become accessible on the first day of the month. You can watch the lessons from your computer or mobile phone at any time that suits you the best. Pro tip: don’t rush through the lessons, you will get much more benefits if you do only 1 lesson per day and practice what you have learned during that day.

How lessons are structured?

Each lesson consists of a short explanation in a text or video format. Going through the explanation part will take you no more than 10 minutes a day.  Moreover, each lesson contains a practical exercise that you can spend as much or as little time as you want.  

How to ensure success?

Practice, practice, practice! This is practical program – the more you practice the better you understand yourself and the greater your energy levels become. Furthermore, all lessons are designed to give you new insights as you go through them again. I strongly recommend repeating this program at your own pace multiple times – you will see an incredible improvement with each new iteration and the details that didn’t notices before. All this is because your motivation, perception of your problems and ability to solve them will expand as soon as you internalise the practices and tools that you are learning. 

What if I have a question?

The program is tested with hundreds of participants to ensure that every explanation and practical exercise is crystal-clear and provides you with a comprehensive step-by-step approach. If you love independent learning – choose SELF LEARNING plan. 

However, if you want extra accountability and personalised feedback choose a SUPPORTED LEARNING plan. With this plan, you will have the opportunity to ask unlimited questions and get personalised feedback on your progress with the targeted directions of where is best for you to focus your attention next.

How can I pay?

You can pay with your credit or debit card as well as through your PayPal account.

I am ready for an adventure!

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